operated by Bluest Small Business Solutions, manufactured by Wear You.

Started by a group of investors

Launched by a group of investors with one common goal; to provide real opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to bring products to market.

To kick off, we designed the B Original brand

We take this pandemic seriously and wanted to do our part to lessen it's impact. Now selling face mask pouches, following CDC guidelines and quality face masks on Amazon, Walmart, and more!

Gain access to the marketplace

We support disruptive social enterprising of new products and services in the marketplace. You may have the solution to solve simple or complex problems and change the world; let us help you bring it to market. Learn more at

Every 10 face masks sold, 1 donated to HBCU's

Out of every 10 face masks sold, 1 is donated to local HBCU's, School of Business.